In “Démocratie” the use of the number three is strongly in evidence. lt is march-like but in 3/4 time, and it uses basically three chords, in varying order: Bb m, D m. and Gb m, a major third apart. The main lines in the vocal melody are based on major thirds. On the First chorus, the vocal alternates with parodying lines on the bassoon. The bassoon lines are made out of nine notes, three whole-tone triads:
Looking through a book of Rimbaud’s poetry, Kate found "Démocratie”, It seemed immediately appropriate to the processional aspect of The Cortege.  lt conjures up an anarchic parade, it is a  grotesque hymn to patriotism, militarism and philistinism.
"Démocratie" opens with cello chords and snare drum. Kate sings, answered by Lindsay Cooper's bassoon. By degrees the rest of the Orchestra joins in. There follows a band version of the song, leading to a bassoon solo over a slow 3/4 rock riff, on a chord sequence that uses the three minor chords, Bb m, D m, and Gb m, shuffled in different orders over a 28-bar sequence.  A chorus of riffs by the band leads to a tree bassoon cadenza, after which the march resumes, Kate reprises the last part of the song, with the whole orchestra building to the final unison "En avant, route"  and a double high C from Dave Plews on trumpet.
The Cortège
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