The Cortege
A composition for voices and jazz orchestra.
Mike Westbrook Orchestra
Music composed and arranged by
Mike Westbrook.
Texts by Lorea. Rimbaud. Hesse. Blake, Belli,
Clare, Saarikoski and others.
Remastered & Re-released 2011
Track Listing
1. It Starts Here (5.17)
2. Democratie (7.55)
3. Berlin 16.2.79 (9.25)
4. Erme Estuary (11.11)
5. Knivshult/Ash Wednesday (4.51)
6. Ruote Che Girano (6.48)
7. Piano (3.06)
8. Leñador (11.30)
9. July '79 (12.49)
1. Enfance (14.00)
2. Cordoba (8.08)
3. Santarcangelo (16.55)
    a. Free As A Bird
    b. Evening
    c. Jerusalem
    d. Dawn
    e. Piped Music
    f. Dirge
    g. Didn't He Ramble
    h. Cadenza
4. Kyrie (5.22)
5. A Hearth Burns (11.11)
    a. The Toper's Rant
    b. Une Vie
6. Graffitti (8.01)
Kate Westbrook (tenor horn. piccolo. bamboo flute. voice)
Phil Minton (trumpet, voice)
Dave Plews, Guy Barker. Dick Pearce (trumpets)
Malcolm Griffiths (trombone), Alan Sinclair, Dave Powell (tubas)
Chris Hunter. Phil Todd. Chris Biscoe (saxes)
Lindsay Cooper (bassoon, oboe, saxophone)
Brian Godding (guitar), Georgie Born (cello),
Steve Cook (bass) Dave Barry (drums)
Mike Westbrook (piano, tuba)
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