The Cortège


This piece is based on a sequence of chords. The top and bottom lines of the chords are sequences of notes drawn from the nine-note pattern, and I filled in the chord shapes in between, trying to find which worked best. The basis of each chord was a major triad, over a root note. The resulting sequence is seen below.

The chords produced sometimes are, or can be made into, conventional chords, e.g. Db major triad over B becomes B7#11 chord. In other cases, as in D major over Eb, the root is false, and the resulting chord is a hybrid.
This sequence of chord-sounds, which l play on the piano, is central to The Cortège, a sort of treasure house of chords that embody the harmonic philosophy of the composition. Chords drawn from it are used in various ways throughout the work. l am particularly attracted by the ambiguous sounding chords used here l find them deeply expressive. 


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