The battle of the Classic Trifle
a film by Rik Lander
lyrics by Kate Westbrook music by Mike Westbrook
featuring Kate Westbrook with The Village Band
Special Limited Edition DVD/CD for collectors
English Soup DVD/CD package
photo: Sergio Amadori
English Soup or The battle of the Classic Trifle is now available exclusively from Westbrook Records, in a Special Limited Edition for Collectors, comprising DVD, audio CD and Recipes,
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See "Trifle", an excerpt from the English Soup DVD
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Trifle - Kate Westbrook with The Village Band
Kate Westbrook
The Village Band
STAN WILLIS alto saxophone ANDY TWEED tenor saxophone
SAM SMITH trombone MIKE BREWER trumpet MIKE WESTBROOK euphonium
With English Soup Rik Lander serves up a visual and musical treat as richly layered as any trifle. Bristol-based film maker Rik brilliantly interweaves studio footage of The Village Band with delectable film of trifle making and his own highly original animation of Kate Westbrook’s glorious paintings.
While Kate’s twin personae, Doll and Dolly heatedly debate the correct way to make a Classic Trifle, her songs , ranging from the poetic to the raunchy, burlesque to ultra cool, parallel the trifle’s progress.
Mike Westbrook’s score for the versatile brass/saxophone quintet moves from New Orleans, via Music Hall and English Romanticism to its Bebop climax. Every section features a different soloist, as each member of the Village Band “Improvises a signature Trifle” .
It’s a deliciously varied mix, at times hilarious, at others deeply touching.
And the conclusion? “You Gotta Have Trifle!”
The Flipster
English Soup

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