Kate Westbrook
Good Friday 1663
Westbrook Music Theatre
Libretto - Helen Simpson
Music - Mike Westbrook
Produced by Jon Hiseman
Cover painting by Kate Westbrook
1.   Sermon I
      Song for Myrtilla
      The Song of Wifely Loathing
2.   Sermon II
      The Song of Female Ignorance
3.   Sermon III
4.   Country Pleasures [listen below]
5.   Sermon IV
      The Carnation Dew
      The Vanitas Song
6.   Sermon V
7.   Love Duet
8.   Song of the Morning After
      Sermon VI
      The Letter Reading Song
9.   My Dull Eyes Weep [listen below]
      Sermon VII
      The Wedding
10. The Asinine Nuptial Ballad
       Four Poster Lament
11. Sermon VIII
       Psalm 116
12.  Belinda's Last Song
Simon Grant sings Parson Snakepeace
Kate Westbrook sings:
Four Choir Boys,
Squire Clodpole (married to Belinda),
Sir Portly Spatchcock (Belinda's Father),
Aunt Champflower (sister to Sir Portly Spatchcock),
Female Singer,
Assorted Villagers and Wedding Guests,
Assorted Farm Animals

John Alley - keyboards
Chris Biscoe - piccolo / flute / soprano / alto & baritone saxophones
Anthony Kerr - simmonds K A T
Mike Westbrook - additional keyboards
Barbara Thompson - recorder
Jon Hiseman - sequencer programming / percussion
Jazzprint JPVP120CD

Westbrook Music published by Metisse Music
The Independent
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