Kate Westbrook
1. Tracks of Desire
2. Year's Rotation
3. Spread-eagled
4. Glacial Flood
5. Helpless, helpless
6. Curlew Cry
7. Architects and Pornographers
8. Sun and Moon
9. Raw Creation
10. Rain-soaked Summer
11. Sun-warmed Soil
12. Story
13. Wordless, wordless
14. Bathing Belles and Philosophers
15. Late Autumn
16. My Barricade
17. Salvation
18. Winter
19. Aeons Old
20. Exile
21. Quarry Workers and Instrumentalists
22. Reckless, reckless
23. Yearning Bird
24. Let's Face the Music
Kate Westbrook & The Granite Band
Kate Westbrook voice, whistling
Roz Harding saxophone
Jesse Molins guitar Matthew North guitar
Billie Bottle electric bass
Mike Westbrook piano/keyboards
Coach York drums
Produced by Jay Auborn, assisted by Callum Godfroy, for dBs Productions
Recorded and mixed at dBs Studios Bristol March/ April 2018
Mastered by Kris Burton
Design Sam Whitney-Morris
Cover photo of Haytor Quarry and the photo of open moor Kate Westbrook
Bechstein piano by Micklesburgh Pianos Bristol

Guitar solos on tracks 7, 10, 16 by Jesse Molins and on tracks 13, 15,21 by Matthew North

GRANITE a soliloquy commissioned by Frank Eichler
Recorded with financial assistance from Airshaft Trust

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