Not content with being a fine pianist, composer and arranger, Westbrook was a commendable nurturer of talent and still is: witness the behemoth that is the Uncommon Orchestra, with such excellent young players as Roz Harding.
Lou Gare, who died last October, is probably best known for his work with AMM, but was a member of Westbrook’s earliest London band and reunited with various Westbrook projects over the years. Seven of these tracks are extracts, with Gare the main focus, enabling more pieces to be squeezed in. Even with Gare’s most “abstract” playing there was always an ascetic lyricism and sense of structure.

This collection spotlights his big- toned rhapsodic side, somewhat in the Sonny Rollins tradition, as well as demonstrating, on Johnny, that he could wax exceeding bluesy. On tracks like the two full-length pieces (D.T.T.M. and D.T.T.M.2) and The Barber the ensemble creeps up on the tenor until there is a glorious concerto-like culmination. These live performances were not originally intended for public issue but the quality fully justifies their release. Gare was a player of formidable musical integrity, intelligence and imagination and this CD is an admirable memorial to him.
Barry Witherden - Jazz Journal
Mike Westbrook Recordings
Mike Westbrook in memory of LOU GARE tenor saxophone
Track Listing
Mike Westbrook
in   memory of
tenor saxophone
1. D.T.T.M. (Westbrook) 12.00
2. Propositions (Westbrook) 4.11
3. Juxtapositions (Westbrook) 2.57
4. Manje (McGregor arr Westbrook) 2.32
5. The Barber (Westbrook/Rossini) 5.21
6. Johnny Come Lately (Strayhorn arr Westbrook) 7.58
7. Lush Life (Strayhorn) 3.54
8. D.T.T.M. 2 (Westbrook) 12.10
9. Graffitti (Westbrook) (4.04)
Sound Samples
Lou Gare tenor saxophone with The Uncommon Orchestra directed by Mike Westbrook
Coach York drums, Marcus Vergette bass, voice on track 2. Andy Tunbridge plays bass on tracks 1 & 4, Billy Bottle Keyboard, Lewis Riley plays keyboard on tracks 6 & 9.
musicians of The Uncommon Orchestra
trumpets: Mike Brewer, Brian Moore, Sam Massey, Dave Holdsworth
trombones: Sam Smith, Dave Hankin, Bob Cronin, Andy Dore, Joe Carnell, Jamie Tweed, Stewart Stunell, Ken Cassidy
saxophones: Stan Willis, Roz Harding, Sarah Dean, Gary Bayley, Karen Street, Alan Wakeman, Ian Wellens, Andy Tweed, Alex Lloyd
keyboard: Lewis Riley
keyboard/voice/bass guitar: Billie Bottle
guitar: Jess Molins, Matthew North
bass: Marcus Vergette, Andy Tunbridge
drums: Coach York, Theo Goss
voices: Kate Westbrook, Martine Waltier
MD: Mike Westbrook
audio compiled by Matthew North, Stan Willis and Mike Westbrook
edited and mastered by Matthew North
designed by Sam Whitney-Morris
Lou Gare photo Frank Eichler

with special thanks to Kate Westbrook and Chris Topley

Westbrook Records WR002
for Penny Gare, Alice and Flora
Lou Gare 1939 - 2017
photo: Frank Eichler
Mike Westbrook and Lou Gare
photo: Matthew North

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