Love or Infatuation CD Cover
Love or Infatuation
Kate Westbrook / Mike Westbrook Duo

Kate Westbrook
- voice
Mike Westbrook - piano

Music by Frederich Hollaender
Arranged by Kate and Mike Westbrook
1. Love or Infatuation
2. Awake In A Dream
3. Falling In Love Again
4. You've Got That Look
5. You Leave Me Breathless
6. This Is The Moment
7. The Moon's Our Home
8. Love Or Infatuation
9. The Boys In The Backroom
Music by Frederich Hollaender
Lyrics by:
Sam Coslow 1, 7.
Leo Robin 2, 6.
Frederich Hollaender 3.
Frank Loesser 4, 8, 9.
Ralph Freed 5.
German text "Liebe Oder Vernarrtheit" by Tommy Bodmer
A jazz cabaret based on on the Hollywood songs of Friedrich Hollaender devised and performed by the Kate Westbrook / Mike Westbrook Duo.

First performed as part of a tribute to Hollaender's music at the Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, 1996.
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