Mike Westbrook Recordings
Platterback CD Cover

Westbrook & Company
Westbrook Music Theatre
Music by Mike Westbrook
Texts by Kate Westbrook
1. Stiltsville (0.40) 
2. Riding Down to Platterback (4.01) 
3. Strafe Me With Friendly Fire (7.06) 
4. Love Letter From Stiltsville (5.32) 
5. Boiled Beef (6.36) 
6. My Sum and Substance (4.53) 
7. The Stilstville Yodel (5.08) 
8. The Streams of Lovely Lucienne (11.28)  
9. Country v. City (4.18) 
10. You Need Me (2.54) 
11. Platterback Train (4.03) 
12. Tragedy of a City (4.45) 
13. Platterback (6.10) 
14. My Friend Moon (4.21) 
15. Riding Out From Platterback (2.07)
Kate Westbrook - Voice
John Winfield - Voice
Karen Street - Accordion/Voice
Stanley Adler - Cello/Voice
Mike Westbrook - Piano/Tuba/Voice
Five traveller/musicians are on a journey down from the mountains to the mythical modern city of Platterback. Their story, - by turns comic, tender and tragic, - is told in songs that evoke the many idioms of contemporary jazz and popular music.

Produced by John Winfield
VoicePrint JazzPrint JPVP117 CD
distributed in the UK by Proper Music
Love, duty, nostalgia, the uneasy mutual dependence between the rural and the urban, are among the topics explored by Kate Westbrook's intelligent and informal lyrics, yet such is the power of the music and of its performance that the whole piece grips like a thriller.
The Times.
It plays with noise as a master chef plays with ingredients, teasing rare and unexpected qualities out of each musical medium to serve up a dazzling display of sound
The Independent.
...there is no denying its power and originality
Manchester Evening News
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