Mike Westbrook
Premiered in Sicily, at Catania and Palermo in November 2018 and at Ronnie Scott’s in London on 12th February 2019, PURE GOLD celebrates four decades of compositions by Mike Westbrook, - from Citadel/Room 315, The Cortège, On Duke’s Birthday, The Westbrook Blake, Westbrook Rossini, Off Abbey Road to A Bigger Show.
voices Kate Westbrook, Phil Minton, Martine Waltier
voice, piano, bass guitar Billie Bottle
violin Dominique Pifarely
saxophones Pete Whyman, Roz Harding, Sarah Dean, Alan Wakeman, Ian Wellens
trumpets Graham Russell, Stuart Brooks, Dick Pearce, Sam Massey
trumpet/sousaphone Dave Holdsworth
trombones Joe Carnell, Sam Chamberlain-Keen, Stewart Stunell, Ashley Naylor
guitars Jesse Molins, Matthew North, bass Marcus Vergette, drums Coach York
piano/MD Mike Westbrook
‘Mike has taken the American tradition, melding it with European influences from cabaret, folk song, rock ( more XTC than R’nB), Victorian poetry and Dada. Mike Westbrook is our greatest living composer/arranger.’
‘The familiar mixture of unapologetically theatrical, fairground, jazz–rock and cabaret music…and a rousing finale ended with Rossini. Something for everyone!’
‘Mike Westbrook has been pulling together the disparate influences of American Jazz, Brechtian polemics and English radical poetry ever since the late Ronnie Scott gave him his first break in the 1960s. Westbrook’s compositions explored light and shade and revelled in unexpected contrasts and the surreal.’
The Uncommon Orchestra on record:
A Bigger Show

In Memory of Lou Gare
Richard Lee London Jazz News
Matthew Wright Jazz Journal
Mike Hobart Financial Times
D.T.T.M. The Uncommon Orchestra - Catania 2018
Dominique Pifarely - Violin

Representation: Peter Conway Management

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Mike Westbrook