Mike Westbrook Recordings
three into wonderfull
30th Anniversary Album

The Westbrook Trio
Kate Westbrook 
Chris Biscoe 

Mike Westbrook
Track Listing:
1. L'egalite des sexes 
2. Apple Pie 
3. The Ballad of Billy Hughes 
4. Enfance 
5. Bordeaux Lady 
6. My Dull Eyes Weep 
7. On The Beach 
8. Traurig aber falsch (Sad but Untrue)
9. Don't Explain 
10. Good Old Wagon 
11. Wild Cyclamen North of Rome 
12. Brazilian Love Songs
Sound Samples:
Kate Westbrook - voice, tenor horn, bamboo flute
Chris Biscoe - soprano & alto saxophones, alto clarinet
Mike Westbrook - piano
Selected tracks 1983 to 2012

Tracks 1,2,3 are from A Little Westbrook Music - Westbrook Records 1983
Tracks 4,5 are from Love For Sale - HatART Records 1985
Track 6 is from Good Friday 1663 - Jazzprint 1993
Tracks 7,8,9 are previously unreleased 1994
Track 10 is previously unreleased 1995
Track 11 is from L'ascenseur/The Lift - Jazzprint 2002
Track 12 is a new release 2012

Voiceprint VP 557

Digital remastering by Jon Hiseman at Temple Music Studios, Sutton, Surrey June 2012
with financial assistance from Airshaft Trust

More Information about The Westbrook Trio
"No one has succeeded in creating a more distinctive body of work than Mike and Kate Westbrook. Their mixture of jazz, music-theatre, poetry, street entertainment and visuals is rich and unique. ..That just three people can create such a variety of sounds is hard to believe."
"A delicately balanced act, by turns melodic, haunting and hilarious, the fabulous threesome promise a fantastical and unforgettable journey."
"Devoted to coupling jazz improvisation with non-African-American materials (Italian opera, brass bands, English folk-music, the poetry of Lorca and Blake, a kind of sinister cabaret music influenced by Kurt Weill) the Westbrooks represent the intransigent antithesis of the retro or classic jazz movement."
John Fordham - THE GUARDIAN

The Westbrook Trio - Three Into Wonderfull
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