Photo Gallery
Rossini Re-loaded (Pesaro - 2018)
Kate Westbrook
with Mike Westbrook
Mike Westbrook
with L/R Graham Russell, Joe Carnell, Dick Pearce, Stewart Stunell and Dave Holdsworth
Roz Harding
with Dick Pearce & Stewart Stunell
Sam Chamberlain-Keen
with Graham Russell & Dick Pearce
Mike Westbrook
Jesse Molins with F/ground Frank Schaefer & B/ground Matthew North
L/R: Sam Chamberlain-Keen, Joe Carnell, Stewart Stunell, Ashley Naylor
L/R: Billie Bottle, Frank Schaefer, Mike Westbrook, Alan Wakeman, Sarah Dean, Peter Whyman
Dick Pearce
with L/R Jesse Molins, Ian Wellens, Mike Westbrook, Matthew North & Marcus Vergette
Mike Westbrook
The Rossini Band!
(The Uncommon Orchestra)
Alan Wakeman & Sarah Dean
Frank Schaefer
with Jesse Molins
Teatro Rossini
Teatro Rossini
All photos by Alessandro Eusebi
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Kate & Mike Westbrook
Kate and Mike Westbrook