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Remembering John and Margery Styles, founder members of Smith’s Academy.
15 July 2023
No. 80
Kate Westbrook in her studio
New work by Kate Westbrook in oils, charcoal, watercolour and ink is currently showing on her website gallery
'Soho and the Blues, City Angels' 2023
charcoal on paper (52x71 cm)
'Soho and the Blues, City Angels' 2023 charcoal on paper (52x71 cm)
Kate’s personal, visual language continues to evolve. Whatever the medium, in her work she is constantly balancing abstract values and figurative content. 2005 saw the beginning of a series inspired by nearby Dartmoor.
From 2014, prompted by Gainsborough’s treatment of the subject, Kate generated a large body of work exploring the classical myth of Diana and Actæon. Kate’s preoccupation with Diana and Actæon reached a conclusion in 2020 with The Lockdown Charcoals. As lockdown continued, images closer to home took over:- she made personal and day-to-day work centred round the theme Writing the Song. Selections from each of these series may be seen here

Summer 2023 finds new vistas opening up in Kate’s work: the architectural spaces of town and city, and the Villains and Saints who dwell there.
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