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Remembering John and Margery Styles, founder members of Smith’s Academy.
22 March 2022
No. 63
Writing the Song
Current Work 2021 - 2022
Evening in the Music Room 2022 watercolour on paper 22 x 28 cm
In the Yard 2021 (detail)
Evening in the Music Room 2022 watercolour on paper 22 x 28 cm
Writing the Song, an Online Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings

Regular visitors to Kate Westbrook online Gallery over recent years will have followed the exploration of two central themes,- the landscape of Dartmoor and the myth of Diana and Actæon.Now, through work in oils, charcoal and water colour, Kate finds her inspiration closer to home in Writing the Song. Images of the every day are rendered with intimacy and beauty.

On the Road
2022 performances begin with The Uncommon Orchestra in the latest version of the Mike Westbrook’s composition On Duke’s Birthday. The Westbrook Quartet follows with the jazz cabaret Love Or Infatuation, the Hollywood songs of Frederick Hollander. The summer sees the return of Kate Westbrook’s GRANITE BAND with her latest work Earth Felt The Wound. There is a solo performance by Mike, The Piano and Me in conversation with Marcus Vergette. Autumn sees the Mike Westbrook Orchestra back in Italy with a revival of Big Band Rossini, re-titled Rossini Re-Loaded. Kate travels to Aachen, in Germany for a guest appearance with Heribert Leuchter’s Lux Orchester.

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