In memory of director Peter Duffell, we offer this musical tribute, an extract from Mike Westbrook’s score of the BBC TV drama “Caught on a Train”, directed by Peter in 1980, and performed by the Brass Band.
Caught on a Train
Caught on a Train DVD cover
1980 Caught on a Train
Score by Mike Westbrook for BBC TV drama by Stephen Poliakoff, starring Peggy Ashcroft and Michael Kitchen, Directed by Peter Duffell and produced by Kenith Trodd.

Musicians involved were: Chris Biscoe/alto clarinet and alto sax, Alan Wakeman/sop and tenor sax, Kate Westbrook/tenor horn & piccolo, Phil Minton/trumpet, Brian Godding/guitar, Georgie Born/cello, Steve Cook/bass guitar, Dave Barry/drums, Mike Westbrook/piano.

Released by the BBC on video and DVD.
Mike Westbrook